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Company Overview

Clients invest their spare change with Raiz Invest. Their apps allows clients to turn their everyday change into an investment via this diversified portfolio round-up financial service.
Service offerings

Raiz offers a choice of 7 portfolios, ranging from conservative (least risky) to aggressive (most risky), along with the Emerald portfolio (socially responsible) and the Sapphire portfolio (Bitcoin holding)

Account Minimum $5
Fees From $2.50 /month
Investment products ETFs Raiz plus a customisable portfolio option which offers an allocation of Bitcoin plus 14 ETFs
Number of portfolios/ products 6
Ethical investing No
Investment managers No
Mobile App Yes


Service Offerings


  • Spare change round-up feature helps you invest as you spend
  • Less risky alternative to investing in stocks
  • Bit coin portfolio option
  • Track your spending and investments
  • Low fees and Capped fees for larger investments


  • You can’t directly buy stocks or ETFs on Raiz
  • Monthly $2.50 fee
  • The usual investment risks still apply


Detailed Fee structure


Contact Raiz Invest

Phone number: 1300 744748
Address 1: 11/2-4 Bulletin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000

Raiz Invest Australia Limited – Authorised Representative of AFSL 434776. The Raiz Invest Australia Fund is issued in Australia by Instreet Investment Limited (ACN 128 813 016 AFSL 434776) a subsidiary of Raiz Invest Limited and promoted by Raiz Invest Australia Limited (ACN 604 402 815).

*Last updated May 2022.

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