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The definitive guide to Robo Advice is here to help investors understand Robo Advice – what it is, how it works, and why it is the fastest growing wealth management service in the world.

Tailored to Australia, we bring you all the tools to learn more.

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What is Robo Advice?

Robo Advice uses the latest technology to deliver digital financial advice and investment services.

Through algorithms and automation, Robo Advice providers are able to simplify investment management — delivering diverse, high-performing portfolios, while minimising fees and the emotional bias of human decision-making.


Advisor Profiles

Every Robo Advice provider on this site has a detailed page outlining their service in detail. Click on any of the images below to visit the corresponding page.


Notes: Data is shown using current exchange rates. The applied current exchange rates are displayed in the Key Market Indicators below. This replacement of the 2017 constant exchange rate with current exchange rates was carried out in October 2021. Most recent update: Oct 2021. Source Statista

The fastest growing wealth management service worldwide.

Assets under management in the Robo Advisors segment are projected to reach AU$2,295,995m in 2022. This figure is expected to rise to over AU$22.0 trillion by the year 2025.

The benefits of Robo Advice?

There are many reasons as to why more investors are trusting Robo Advice services with their money, especially when compared to more traditional investment methods.

Low fees

Robo Advice providers typically charge significantly lower fees than traditional advisors, increasing returns. Not only that, because of the way the services are structured, they require lower opening balances — greatly democratising advice.

Less emotion, more precision

Studies show that irrational behaviour consistently costs investors money. By automating best practice decision-making, Robo Advice removes emotive human bias.

Diversification & risk levels

Robo Advice portfolios are typically extremely diverse, minimising risk. Using ETFs, assets are often spread across thousands of companies rather than only a select number of stocks.

Tailored to the investor

Robo Advice is still deeply personalised. AI, algorithms and questionnaires create portfolios that match an investor’s risk levels, time frame and cash flow requirements.

Easy and transparent

Robo Advice often sets the standard in transparency and functionality . Quality tools and reporting enable investors to track performance to an unprecedented degree.


While traditional advice bets on trying to outperform the index — Robo Advice seeks to match it. Combined with far smaller fees and diverse portfolios — Robo Advice outperforms the majority of peers.

Types of Robo Advice

Robo Advice is not a one size fits all approach. Different providers utilise technology and automation to varying degrees — from self learning AI to hybrid models where digital services are still overseen by investment managers.

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